Below are groups of photos with plant suggestions for commons types of landscape conditions and types of gardens. Click each photo for names and info of each plant! Below the title is a printable pdf list of plants. This is a small sample of the many different plants we grow and sell at  the Plantsmen Nursery.  For more information and inventory questions please email us at

Click here for the printable pdf: Alternatives to invasive plants list

  • Plants that attract pollinators
  • Unique screen plants
  • Plants less favored by deer
  • Plants for dry shade
  • Plants that tolerate Black Walnut
  • Plants with interesting bark/stems
  • Rain garden plants

Plants that attract pollinators

Plants less favored by deer

All ferns and ornamental grasses are deer proof!  Click here for an article about ferns.

Unique screen plants

Plants for dry shade

Click here for "Wishing upon an aster" - fun article about woodland asters

Rain garden plants

Click here for article: Using Grasses in your Garden

Plants with interesting bark/stems

Plants that tolerate Black Walnut

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Osmunda cinnamomea - Cinnamon Fern

Native fern of wetlands, swamps and damp woods. Cinnamon fern is named for the color of its spore-bearing fronds, and for the spores themselves being the consistency and color of cinnamon, easily seen when poured or tapped into the hand. Of all the ferns that form patches or colonies in wet areas, this one is arguably the most aristocratic--not the biggest, not the most rampant, but stately, elegant and a great combination of stature and beauty. Use with marsh marigold, tussock sedge and more