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Design drawings are a valuable tool for conveying ideas in a visual format to our clients.  We don't always use design drawings because they're not always needed, but we are always willing to do them if it helps to clarify the project.  Our fees for design drawings are modest when compared to what landscape designers charge.  That's because for us, the drawing is not the final product, or even our main product. 

Drawings can be sketches, free hand or on trace paper over a photo; they can also be plan view, sometimes called a bird's eye view, top down from above the house.  We may request a site plan for your property, which most people have if the home is relatively new.  But we can also use Google Earth or similar satellite photo tools to generate our base view of your property.  Design drawings are also valuable for clients who want to phase a large amount of work over time--several zones, or several stages within a large unified zone of the property.  Sometimes we phase in stonework first, and plantings the following year.  A design drawing makes it easy to see, and remember during the interim, what is planned next.  You can see samples of our design work on our website, and of course we are happy to meet in person to show you other examples of our work and to explain the process in more detail.

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