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Announcement for Spring 2020

To our customers, friends, family


This post is to let you to know where things are at, specifically as this situation relates to The Plantsmen.

Most of our regular business services are shut down at the moment, because we can't do much working from home. HOWEVER, we always grow thousands of healthy, spray-free and chemical-free vegetable starts, and this will not change. We are allowed to continue this part of our business through a food production and farming exemption as outlined by Gov. Cuomo's executive order. And we will.

We are working on an online ordering and payment portal for these plants, and expect to have this up and running next week--long before we'd recommend you plant veggies in our area! We will also be offering our usual fruit shrubs, and some perennial vegetable plants, to help you enhance your food production at home.

We will arrange things so you can pay for plants online, and pick them up in our parking lot--orders will be organized by name, and with much more than the required safe distance between orders. So you will be able to do this in a 100% contact-less way, with no risk exposure. We are taking all precautions in the nursery as well, with a very limited staff.

It is, of course, legal for you to drive out to pick them up. Turnaround time will be within 24 hours of your order. We will be posting detailed info and photos of what plants we have ready, in real time.

***If anyone needs help setting up a veggie garden at home, contact me directly at my email address: dan@plantsmen.com. If you type that in manually, note that it's plantsmen with an "e". Plural.

We will be sending out more info by enews, and updating the website in a few days. All info will be in place before you will want to be planting.

***Stay in touch with us for any questions about landscape work as well. We will be ready to roll as soon as we can, and we can continue to develop and plan projects in the meantime.


13th Annual Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium

Spring 2021 - TBA
Cinemapolis Theater, The Commons, Ithaca, NY

The Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium is based on a simple idea:  the use of native plants should remain an integral part of sustainable landscapes. We see many fields adapting rapidly to goals of sustainability, but horticulture in Central NY has been slow to embrace native plants,  which have been standard landscape tools in many other parts of the country for decades.  In Central NY, quality information on native plants remains elusive, with marketing standing in for ecology or substance.​  ​The Symposium offers alternative ideas, knowledge and perspective presented by experts and professionals​ from our region and beyond.  It is for landscape architects, designers, educators, Master Gardeners, government employees, homeowners, gardeners, naturalists and anyone else eager to learn more about this growing movement.​ Heading into our 10th year of INLS, we look forward to seeing you at this stimulating, enjoyable gathering.