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Our Unique, Ecological Landscapes


Many of our customers are becoming aware of the unique, ecological landscapes we offer--from design to installation.  For those of you who are just checking us out for the first time, what makes our landscapes "unique" and "ecological"?

We use our own plants in our design and installation work, almost entirely, so the plant component begins with the exceptional and less-common plant palette you already expect from The Plantsmen Nursery.  Because we grow plants at the nursery, we're not at the mercy of a regional distributor for our plant selection, so we have a far greater depth of choices than most other landscapers who only order plants from distributors. 

One of the two pillars of our nursery and landscape work is horticulture, which means we strive for plants that bring excitement and life to your garden, not just a few standard items that will survive. The other pillar of The Plantsmen Nursery is ecology, which is why we grow and sell the greatest diversity of native plants in Central NY.  So our landscape work is founded on these two pillars of horticulture and ecology.  Native plants make your garden unique because most most gardens don't include them, and they're ecological because they are known to be more beneficial to native pollinators, and have adapted over time to our environment here.  So they do well, they bring life into the landscape, and they require little maintenance in the long run.  For the light maintenance that all landscapes require over time, we offer maintenance services on a one-time, occasional or regular basis.

Our landscape services are pesticide-free--typically, we don't include any chemical applications in our work.  We believe strongly in choosing the right plants for your site, rather than trying to force the wrong plants to beat the odds.  We don't design landscapes with plants that are known to rely on fungicides, pesticides, or any 'cides to survive.  You'd be surprised how many great horticultural choices there are for our local and regional landscapes, that don't need a cocktail of amendments and poisons to do well here.

So if the landscape you see when you pull into the driveway or look out the window isn't what you see in your mind's eye, let us come out to discuss how to get things growing!  And for DIY gardeners--if you're doing the work yourself, we encourage you to take advantage of our fully staffed, fully stocked retail nursery. If you have specific questions that remain un-answered after visiting the nursery, we can usually help via email in those cases.


*We no longer offer site consultations for DIY projects during our busy season, but during certain times of year, this may be possible

Contact us at; call us at 607.533.7193 or fill out the form below:


Due to the nature of our busy season, please allow 48 hours for a response.  We look forward to talking with you.

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Tell us something about your landscape (examples might be "needs to be re-done"; "new home, need to start from scratch"; "we want a design and long range plan"; "just want some advice on how to finish an existing partial landscape"... etc.

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