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2023 Testimonials:

Our cemetery trees are still beautiful.   I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that we stopped in today and bought a tree for our house.  We weren't sure what we wanted but knew what we didn't want.  The 2 people that helped us were awesome!  I know we are going to be happy with our choice because of their guidance.    Another great experience!


Planting the apples outside my bedroom was a genius move!  From me, and every future occupant of that room I thank you!

Thanks again for all my beautiful plantings here--you have made my house a home!


It was GREAT work you guys put together, and it was pleasure to have you and your staff , I am sure it will look beautiful just in couple of weeks.

 Thanks again,


I wanted to let you know that the garden you put in for us last year is blooming beautifully! The rain this spring has been a great boost, of course, but the quality of the plants and the planting is very evident. Thank you so much for that!


Thank you so much, everything looks great. I have worked with a few other landscaping companies in town and you all are by far the best. I wasn't around when everyone left yesterday, please extend my thanks to them.


"I can't tell you how pleased I am with how the project came out and how many compliments I get."--Karen S.

Everything looks great! Thanks so much for all your hard work. We are loving the patio already, we sat down and had a fire one Wednesday night with some friends and it worked great! –Ann T

We are really thrilled with how things are looking, and excited about having them fill out.  So far, so good. We’ve really appreciated the care and thoughtfulness going into the “look”, be it stonework or the placement plantings.  It’s something we've struggled with on our own, but recognize the artfulness of what you and your crew have achieved.  Well worth the wait!

We look forward to working with you all more as we slowly morph our whole property into the place we’ve been wanting for many years.


–Lawrence G.


Thank you!  The plants are all doing well, and we’re thoroughly enjoying the stonework. It was a distinct pleasure working with you.


Ritchie P.


We really appreciate and enjoy you and your teams work on this. Cody did a great job on the retaining wall and it looks amazing! Everyone has been complementing the work and it has absolutely transformed the house.

–Jake G.


Erin’s crew did a wonderful job! I can’t thank them enough. Everything looks lovely.  I really enjoyed talking with them. –Maria G.


The weeding and pruning you did last year made a huge difference this year, so please do that again! Sarah A.


I also wanted to thank you for asking the crew to put in the driveway markers that I was concerned about getting done.  Really appreciate it!


Cody and his crew were excellent, and the wall is beautiful.  I'm glad I decided on the Larch rather than stone. Now that the wall looks so nice, I think we need to totally rejuvenate the front bed

–Lynn B.


My gardens look much better since Erin and crew came yesterday to do maintenance.

I am very pleased with all the work you folks did. Even when they were new, the old gate latches didn’t work as well as these do, and the gates look so nice too. Now our guests will have a warmer welcome!

Elizabeth R.


Erin and Bowman did fantastic work. The mailman said thanks now that he has an easier path between houses. I was excited about all the work they did but especially about their knowledge.

Donna E.


Your team is excellent.  Love the platform, and love the plantings.  Sometimes all customers convey are complaints – we are super happy customers!  Happy to serve as references if helpful.

–Mark and Kathy


We are super pleased with the results! We love it! The plantings look wonderful. And I was so happy to see the lavender plants.  Thank you so much.

Janette L.


we're very pleased with the result and enjoyed working with you and your crew.  

–Tommy and Lisa


Thanks! As always, we’re delighted with the work Cody and his crew have done. 




The yard/garden looks lovely—thanks so much! So nice to come home to things looking tidy! 

Clare M.


Plants are thriving. Erin did a good job that pleases people passing by and me too

LeGrace B.


Everything looks GREAT - thank you!

I definitely want to be on the regular maintenance program!! Fall and spring would be terrific–Julie B.


The timing was indeed perfect. I think the trees will do very well. Erin and crew did an excellent job, and Erin provided excellent insights and helped us with placement.

Hans B.


The wall is beautiful, straight, sturdy, and the garden looks way more tidy!  I cannot say enough about how wonderful Doug's work is.  He matches the character of my little, aged cottage contributing to its beauty and longevity without trying to make it look like every other job.  I appreciate it so much. –Lauren F.


We love the work that your team has done! 

Lesley G.


We love our new outdoor paradise. Much appreciation. We are getting so many thumbs up on the patio. We have received many accolades for the stone patio that Doug created. His talent is on another level.

One of your employees, Daniel, was very helpful & patient with us. I appreciate the attention he gave to Linda & I.

Gary & Linda


We LOVE the patio. It’s just stunning.

Sue M.


Great crew today. I was very pleased with the way that Bill & Bowman were cleaning up.  I did not expect them to move stones etc.  They really paid attention to the entire area in tidying it up. Very efficient & enjoyable. Erin was very knowledgeable.

Helen N.


I met another neighbor who said my yard was absolutely beautiful and set off the whole neighborhood.  They were familiar with the name of your company. Thanks again for my vegetation loveliness!!  

Just notifying you that the garden is phenomenal and I am in the state of vegetation ecstasy!  The property is a masterpiece.  A showplace in 'the hood.'  

The neighbors on the east with the pretty yard came out to say what a lovely addition it was to the neighborhood and how they enjoyed looking out at it. What a 'life enrichment' your teams' effort has provided!!

If you have signage Landscaping by.., I'd be happy to display it!!  

Hope to see you soon.  You will be very proud of your team!!

Carole P.


Just wanted to thank you again for getting us on your schedule in a timely manner, and for a well-executed project with Cody and Chris. Thank you all for working with us as we added plants and made some in-the-moment decisions. So glad we ripped out all the honeysuckle! The area looks great.

Sarah R.


The place looks great. Can’t wait to have you back!

Leslie S.


The front steps look terrific! Doug did an amazing and speedy work. 

Thank you for the clarity, workmanship, and thoughtfulness you bring to all you do!! 

Catherine and Kevin

2017 Testimonials:
"LOVE the landscaping! Thank you!!"
Becca L., 2017 Landscape Client
"I couldn't be more pleased, Dan! The guys were knowledgeable and hardworking and the yard looks amazing!!!"
-Linda S., 2017 Landscape Client
"LOVE IT!!!! You all did such a beautiful job. Paul really loves it, as well. Of course we need to clear up so many other areas around the property now…."
-Vanessa W., 2017 Landscape Client
"This week I received free plants for my community garden plot at Floral Avenue - I am so grateful for this donation! The selection and variety of plants available at your nursery is impressive and I really appreciate the focus on native plants. THANK YOU!"
-Octavia S., 2017 Nursery donation recipient
2016 Testimonials:
"Everything looks great - even the Callicarpa, which we had almost given up on, now has buds. Thanks again for a fine job, from design to execution to followup."
Jim H., 2016 Landscape Client
"Your nursery is really beyond belief.  I spent several hours there and could hardly bring myself to leave so I give you free reign this plant lots and lots of whatever it is that you want your people are nice and your plants are beautiful and I had a great time with my brother out there. Thanks a lot happy Fourth of July"
-Paul J., 2016 Nursery and Landscape Client
2015 Testimonials:
"We couldn't be happier with the work.  The stone bench is spectacular."
-Steve E., 2015 Landscape Client
"Great place. I finally scheduled a visit. Picked up a little Sycamore tree. A beautiful native in our CNY winter landscape. Thank you!"
-Scott W., 2015 Nursery Customer
" You guys did a great job.  Everything looks terrific."
-Jack R., 2015 Landscape Client
"We are very pleased with the stone arrangement around the fire pit.  Everything looks great.  We appreciate the good service and enjoyed working with you and your crew."  
-Harold M., 2015 Landscape Client
"We love the landscaping that you did for us – it has really filled in nicely."
-Dorothy A., 2015 Landscape Client
"Looks great!  Tommy did a very thorough, meticulous job."
-Bruce N., 2015 Landscape Client
"YOU GUYS DID A BEAUTIFUL JOB!!!  What a transformation."
-Dorothy A., 2015 Landscape Client
2014 Testimonials:
"Just a quick personal thanks.  It's so great to have the sun and space back there.  May have to return firewood to shed area and expand.  Feels great to take new interest in our property.  You and your crew gave us far more than I had hoped for."
-Brian E., 2014 Landscape Client


"The plantings look lovely in the evening light and I am very pleased with the entire job!"
-Diane B., 2014 Landscape Client

"I would like to have you do my Spring cleanup and mulching work again. It's been 4 years since you did the landscaping.  Every plant has survived and is thriving despite the deer. I think the neighbors still can’t believe it! The deer continue to be a problem and limit the annuals I can plant but at least your plants look good."
 -Annemarie M., 2014 Landscape Client

"Everything looks simplified, cleaner, calmer, happier."  -Linda G., 2014 Landscape Client
2013 Testimonials:
"I am just thrilled with all the work your team did! Everyone of them was a joy to see every day, and all very talented. The patio is BEAUTIFUL! And the plantings are just what I hope for.  Many thanks for your great ideas, prompt attention, and hard work.",
-Peg D., 2013 Landscpae Client
"Everything looks wonderful! And it is nice to look at the yard and not have it be something else that needs doing! The guys were great."
-Ann Marie H., 2013 Landscape Client
"Everything looks wonderful! And it is nice to look at the yard and not have it be something else that needs doing! The guys were great. It looks like a new house!" -Elaine R., 2013 Landscape Client
"I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the landscaping plan you created for us. I’ve never seen the house look so good! I’ve already thanked Cody but please thank him again? (He was working in horrible weather, and did a fantastic job.)"  
-Elizabeth G., 2013 Landcape Client in Dryden, NY
"I love the garden! I went out on my crutches and hobbled around admiring everything. What a beautiful job you all did and I so appreciate all the work in the heat - I hope the guys, and you too of course, get a lot of satisfaction when you look at the final results! Many thanks and I'm looking forward to the next phase!"  -Joanne D., 2013 Landcape Client
2012 Testimonials:

"Everything looks really beautiful, the crew was great and I’m so happy with the stone work and landscaping."
- Val C., 2012 Landscape Client in Syracuse, NY

"I appreciate The Plantsmen's commitment to using native plants and the commitment to maintain a nursery rather than buy from wholesalers, This is why I chose your company.  Kellie, I appreciate your time, your skill and above all, your artistry.  Through your work you are making a beautiful contribution to the community."  - Donna T., 2012 Landscape Client in Ithaca, NY

"The paths and raised beds are great. We are filling them up with plants." - Nerissa R., 2012 Landscape Client in Ithaca, NY

"The wall looks beautiful! Of course you can leave the sign~ folks up this way don't seem to know you all exist, and they should know you do great work! I've been posting about it on my Frugal Home Renovation blog and linking to your web site." - Maria M., 2012 Landscape Client in Moravia, NY

"Hi Kellie,  Just want you to know - we told the two guys who worked here - that we are very impressed with the results of the new landscaping and the manner in which is was done. Thanks!" - Marsha K., 2012 Landscape Client in Ithaca, NY

"Very good Kellie. Thanks. Yes I liked the work that was done and the walkway is perfect." - Murillo M., 2012 Landscape Client in Ithaca, NY

“Everything is so beautiful, I can't wait to see it all grow and become amazing! Thank you all for the hard work and vision.” - Maria M, 2012 Landscape Client

“One of my clients, Sue, was admiring my gardens and I gave her your name. She contacted Kellie and was very pleased and I think she is going to have you do the work in her garden and patio. I also gave out your name to another one of my clients who was equally impressed with your work. I am a good advertisement for you and I'm thrilled to be so.” - Marlaine D., 2009-2012 + Landscape Client in Lansing, NY

"Everything looks really nice and is certainly getting well watered…Thanks again for everything. I’ll definitely be filling out a survey for you.   Everything looks so nice, we’re enjoying the beds." - Jane V., 2012 Landscape Client in Ithaca, NY

"Everything looks great so far! We will see what happens in the spring!​" - Jessica R., 2012 Landscape Client in Ithaca, NY

"I wanted to thank you for the work you did and the walkway is perfect!"  M.C., 2012 Landscape Client
Let me begin by telling you just how beautiful the gardens look. They did a wonderful job with the plantings. So, thank you and please express my gratitude to your staff for the work. Everything is absolutely gorgeous." -Mollie, 2012 Landscape Client

"You came highly recommended by a ton of people and did not disappoint--the crew did excellent work and we really love our new outdoor space."  Bryan, 2012 Landscape Client in Ithaca, NY

"I wanted you to know that your native plants that I took downstate to plant look fabulous!  The difference between your plants and those from a native plant sale elsewhere are remarkable - yours are sturdy and growing far ahead of the others.  If only I were closer to come back and get some of the strawberries!  Great Plants!" Lynn, 2012 Nursery Customer

"Everything is so beautiful, I can't wait to see it all grow and become amazing!  Thank you all for the hard work and vision." Rebecca L., 2012 Landscape Client in Ithaca, NY

"It was a treat to see the nursery and see how you grow your own plants yesterday." - Nursery Customer

"The work done is great.  The crew is amazing." - Barb J., 2012 Landscape Client

"Thanks, we are happy with the work you have done for us!" - Lucja K., 2012 Landscape Client

"Thanks very much.  I am pleased with the work and will use you again." - David W., 2012 Landscape Client

"The gardens look great." -Debbie D., 2012 Landscape Client

"Your design plan is more amazing than I dreamed." -Charlotte, 2012 Landscape Client

2009 - 2011 Testimonials:

"Thanks for checking in.  We are very pleased with the work that Kellie and the crew did and everything looks great.  When they finished the job, everything looked very neat and tidy. Kellie was great to work with and always responded quickly with answers to all our questions. Soon, we are planning a trip to the "The Plantsmen"  to buy some more perennials for the new beds." - Dee C., '11 Landscape Client

"Thanks so much!  The yard looks great!  I know everything will grow and fill out and can picture it in my mind.  I know that my birds are going to enjoy all the grasses!   It is nice to know you have a tuneup service as I may need that later.  I plan on weeding the beds regularly this summer and in the future."
Your whole crew was fantastic and very polite! -Mary M., 2011 Landscape Client

"Everything looks lovely – thank you so much (and to your employees) for making it look so nice!!   Thanks again.  I am very happy with my lovely garden and patio!!"
-Linda F., 2011 Landscape Installation

"We LOVE the pond. Love it. Mike is spectacular. We could not be more pleased with the work he has done. Jeff is heroic. He not only got the boulder out of the middle of the pond but by splitting it he created a strong balance to the stream at the other end. Everyone was fun to work with and the whole process has been a delight. We are getting so many compliments on the gardens. All of us are drawn to walk and now to sit by the pond and just enjoy it. And we are inspired to work on it ourselves now." -Susan D., 2009 Landscape Installation

"We are absolutely ecstatic with the landscaping.  It is amazing what a transformation has occurred.  We like also what you did with the slope.  Thank you very very much." -Dorothy, '10 Landscape Installation

Everything looks great, and all of our guests admired your work. -John A., 2010 Landscape Installation​

"Love how it has all turned out -- even better than I had envisioned.  Thank you." -Jane, '09 Landscape Installation

"The landscaping looks great and your staff-especially Mike and Avery-were a pleasure to work with.  It's just what we were hoping for!" -Amy C., 2009 Landscape Installation

"Thanks, Dan. I love having the Plantsmen as a neighbor. And the "garden art" has been beautiful!" -Margo,  Nursery Customer

“The crew are incredibly hard workers.  It’s really taking shape and looking great.  I am very pleased with all the work that your crew has done.  You have all been a delight to work with.  The birds and butterflies are also very happy." -Barb, ’10 Landscape Installation

"I had emailed you a couple months ago regarding some plant recommendations--I ended up buying a Swamp Azalea and Redbud and both are doing very well.  Your nursery is the best I have ever been to in my limited experience; I sent my folks who were visiting from Virginia, and they said it was the best they had ever been too--in their much broader experience.  After seeing how much more vigorous all the plants look, I won't be going anywhere else in the future.  Unfortunately for The Plantsmen, I'm a second year teacher with a second year teacher's salary!" -Pete, ’10 Nursery Customer

"The plantings look wonderful. Thank you." 2010 Nursery Customer

I'm also very impressed with the people you have hired to work for you.
Thank you so much." -Karen S., 2009 Landscape Client

"It's very unusual to get the kind of follow through we got from you when we were looking for a few trees.  I really appreciate it." -Paul L., 2009 Nursery Customer

"Boy am I enjoying the gorgeous flowers around my house, the hummingbirds are just loving them, the bees are just loving them, it's just lovely". -Rose B., 2009 Landscape Customer

"The staff at The Plantsmen Nursery installed a new garden bed for us this year.  The crew was professional and really knew what they were doing.  They took the time needed to understand what we were hoping for in our garden, and offered many good suggestions about the walls and plants that made the finished product top notch."  -'10 Landscape Installation

I just wanted to thank you for your work with propagating native plants. My friend and I were at your nursery last Wednesday and we were very pleased with the variety of natives we found. We stayed three hours stopping for a lunch break at the table by your water feature. The workers were all very helpful and we came away wishing that you were not so far away from us.  Keep up the great work. -Betsy, '10 Nursery Customer

"They were on-time and on-budget and went out of their way to make sure we were happy with the finished product.  We were very happy with the installed garden bed and plants and highly recommend The Plantsmen Nursery for work in your garden." -Kim and Chris G., 2009 Landscape Clients

"By the way,  I think you have the very best nursery!   I send people there. Also thanks for supporting "Air America." - Iva, 2009 Nursery Customer

"I was down in the early spring and I wanted to say what a fabulous Nursery you have. I loved it, spent too much but enjoyed every minute of it." -Karen H., 2009 Nursery Customer

"I so enjoy your newsletters.  Always something to learn!  I just wish I lived close to your lovely Nursery so I could come in for some Gimme Coffee and Blue Wave Biscotti.  And to see your pond, and your Astilbe (I, too, love them; have a good number planted under our trees where they are very happy ,and are delightful for us humans. Anyway, this is by way of a "Hello from the Coast of Maine", and a thank you for your e-newsletters that always come sandwiched between layers of frightful World Crisis appeals and petitions.  Really -- a breath of fresh, creative, garden air!  I'm so glad to read that you're doing very well." -Judith M., Waldoboro, ME

"The pond is doing fine and is so beautiful" - 2009 Landscape Installation​

"The new garden looks magical with the scattering of yellow leaves from the birches" -Susan D., 2009 Landscape Installation

"Nice newsletter Dan! As usual. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading it and appreciate how you consistently outline your overall vision and what makes the Plantsmen unique! You make our region a
really wonderful place to be a gardener!"

"The only place you can go and hear Nanci Griffith tunes while you wander among native plants. Heavenly!"

"We loved your place and plan  yearly trips there (we live in the Auburn area). I wish we had known about you sooner as our yard plantings would have been much different. oh well, we can always do some replacements. 

- Jamie, 2009 Nursery Customer

"Hi Dan and the Plantsmen staff, just want to say thank you again for the wonderful landscaping around our new home in the fall of 2007! From a few questions about the type of plants we like, you transformed the garden into a work of art. It has been the talk of many visiting friends and we notice many cars stopping in front of the house and gazing. It is not only a joy in the summer months, but this winter it has been spectacular with the snow collecting on the branches, leaves and ornamental grass fronds. I can’t say enough about the wonderful job, knowledgeable staff, and highly recommend your services and a visit to your business." Dennis and Michelle, '08 Landscaping Client

"I am really pleased with what Jeff, Todd and Trey did to my front yard! It just makes the rest of the yard look a little shabby, but maybe that will inspire me to do less at the now infamous library, and work on my yard a little more." -Donna, '09 Landscape Client​

"I'm so glad you had the crew plant my gardens yesterday, turned out to be a perfect day plus now it is happily being rained on! Jeff was easy to work with and very accommodating and the all the guys did nice and careful work. I think things turned out really well, I'm very pleased with the results. Now I just can't wait for those little plants to grow!" -Jude, '09 Landscape Client

"The girls had a wonderful time putting the garden in.  It was fun to see them ooh and aah over the worms and other bugs we met as we worked.  It looks so much better already at the community center.  The girls are proud.  Thank you again for your generous donation of the gorgeous plants.  We are eager to watch as the plants grow, fill in and bloom!  Thanks to Bridget, too, for all of her wonderful help!" -Jenny, '09  Donation Planting

"We are thrilled with the work you did. Everything looks great, very natural. We are still interested in a pergola and some stonework too, so keep us in mind. Our daughter is getting married in August, so we want the place ship shape but will need to do things in stages. Any chance of doing something on the side yard to screen the neighbors pool area in early spring? We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know and can't wait to watch the plantings change with the seasons and mature!" - Barbara and Mike, '08 Landscape Installation

"What a wonderful place!" -Ellie and Hope, '09 Nursery Customer​

"So glad I've found you!  Easy to shop with great signage" -'09 Nursery Customer

" I am so happy with your healthy "beefy" plants.  Great Variety." -MS, Trumansburg, '09 Nursery Customer

"Less expensive than big box stores, but higher quality."  -John, Ithaca, '09 Nursery Customer

"Thank you for the discount rewards card.  I love your place, it is worth the drive!  Love your creative energy on your web site and at your .  Gardening is art.  And art (and gardening) is good for the soul.  Keep feeding us."  -GT, '09 Landscape Customer​


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