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Open for the season

Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm
482 Peruville Road, Groton NY 13073

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Updated inventory as of 08-22-23 subject to availability! 

Welcome to The Plantsmen Nursery

We are located just outside Ithaca, New York in the Finger Lakes Region.  On our website you will find separate pages explaining more about who we are and what we do.  If you take a few minutes to click through some of the pages, you’ll see how we are different from other retail nurseries and landscape companies in the area. Some examples include: locally grown plants of old-fashioned high quality; healthy, pesticide-free nursery and landscape practices; complete customized and creative landscape services from design to installation; exceptional and friendly service from our staff, a great group of people; and natural display gardens on our peaceful, accessible nursery property. 

We're family owned, family friendly, and we enjoy giving back to the community with donations, plants and our time.

Hours of nursery operation: Open for the 2023 season! 

Monday-Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-4
​The Plantsmen Nursery: 482 Peruville Road Groton, NY 13073; Main office number--607.533.7193
General Information:


We combine extensive professional nursery and landscape experience with real, progressive environmental practices. We work to balance many common, modern garden and landscape goals:  deer resistance, pollinator and habitat value, realistic functional needs such as privacy and convenience, as well as the desire for beauty and added value at home.


We offer clean, robust plants in a

spray-free environment.  This means no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other chemical applications often used in plant production.  We grow and sell everything including organic veggie starts, shrubs,  trees, ferns, perennials, deer-resistant plants, vines, shrubs, ornamental grasses, edible perennials, and the greatest diversity of native plants found in NY. 


We are involved with many events including the Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium (founded by The Plantsmen) All original photos & ideas, Dan's presentations are based on horticulture & our ecology with unique perspectives on sustainable nursery and landscape practices.  The overall aim is to articulate the voice of native plants calling to us from their habitats, in the real world.


​Deer are by far the single greatest threat and hindrance to the ongoing health of your landscape.  In many cases deer browse can prevent establishment of new plantings if the deer are allowed to damage plants early on.  We strongly urge clients to consider deer fence unless they are in a community where deer fence is prohibited. 


All landscapes benefit from some maintenance.  There is no such thing as a no-maintenance landscape!  Low-maintenance is more accurate, and that's our goal.  We see two common scenarios where landscapes need maintenance.  First, new landscapes, where plants need time to grow in, establish and take up the space allocated to them in a thoughtful landscape plan.


Living in an area as geologically exciting as the Finger Lakes, we prefer to use natural stone & wood in most landscapes.  However, we are comfortable working with the widest range of stone and wood materials on all types of stone projects including walls, patios,pathways, stairs, raised beds and more.  We also use local locust wood for many types of landscape projects.

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